Shag (1989)


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Buzz: Well, don't play hard to get. You might miss something.

Elvira: Y'all is the horniest bunch of white folks I ever seen.

Malaina: I've got news, you're going to lose.

Malaina: Luanne, quick! You run out to Jimmy Valentine's limo and tell him your daddy the senator wants him to sing at the White House and bring him back to the house.
Luanne: I will do no such thing.
Malaina: Luanne damnit! You made me lose Miss Sun Queen, but now I'm not gonna lose Jimmy Valentine too, now you owe it to me! And you better get over there quick, or we're never gonna speak to you again, right Pudge?
Pudge: Right.

Buzz: I'm Buzz Ravenal. Let's dance.
Carson: I'm sorry, I'm engaged.
Buzz: Well, I'm sorry you're engaged, too.

Luanne: We can have a good time but we cannot be wild.

Carson: You are not like anybody I have ever met.
Buzz: Well you are like every girl I've ever met. You're stuck up tight-assed and conventional.

Pudge: Carson, you look just like Jackie Kennedy.
Malaina: I think JFK's a sweet potato.
Pudge: Oh Malaina he's an old man, eww.
Malaina: I don't care, I'd have an affair with him outside of marriage.
Luanne: He's the president, Malaina. It's sacreligious.

The Manager: Have I met you before?
Malaina: Maybe in one of your better dreams.

Carson: Luanne, that was our turnoff.
Luanne: Oh damn, guess we just have to go to Myrtle Beach.

Luanne: I can't feel my teeth.

Chip: Know any elephant jokes?
Pudge: Is that a remark?
Chip: Huh?
Pudge: Sorry. I guess I'm just sensitive about my weight.
Chip: What weight?

Mrs. Clatterback: Don't wear dark lipstick.
Luanne: Yes ma'am.
Mrs. Clatterback: Don't stay up too late.
Luanne: Yes ma'am.
Mrs. Clatterback: And don't let any of the other girls drive my car.
Luanne: Yes ma'am.
Mrs. Clatterback: Other than that, have a good time.

Other mistake: When the girls tell Harley that Carson has taken a bus back to Spartenburg, he says that is the middle of the night, however it is daylight outside.


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