Trivia: Brick kills a rival reporter by throwing a trident in a scene lifted from the first gladiator fight in Spartacus (1960).

Trivia: Before the cut to the restaurant scene with the newsroom ladies, the name of the restaurant can be seen on a neon sign. Part of the sign, in Spanish, says "We spit in your food."

Trivia: When Ed announces that a woman is coming to work at the station, Brick panics because he has heard that bears are attracted to the smell of their periods. Believe it or not, this is actually true of bears and lions.

Trivia: Ron Burgundy's dog is named Baxter. A tribute perhaps to the character made famous by Ted Knight on the hit 1970's sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore Show in which Knight plays a pompous, dimwitted TV news anchorman named Ted Baxter.

Trivia: In the brawl, the two horsemen with the net between them come after Brian and drag him. This shot (and the accompanying music) comes straight from the Planet of the Apes, the original release.

Joel Amos Gordon

Trivia: Near the beginning when Brian is reporting at the Panda exhibit, there is a sign with bamboo and a panda on it. It would appear that the panda is pole dancing (a dancing move common in strip bars) on the bamboo.

Trivia: When Champ throws another man into a car window during the fight sequence between the rival newsmen, the man yells a Wilhelm scream.

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