Stand and Deliver

Stand and Deliver (1988)


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Jaime Escalante: Do you want me to do it for you?
Pancho: Yes.
Jaime Escalante: You're supposed to say no.


Angel: Yeah, I have the same answer as gordita.
Lupe: Don't call me gordita, pendejo.


Angel: Hey, Kemo, you should be proud of me, man! I'm the first dude here. What's calcoolus?


Chuco: Lots of stars up there, Homey. Not too polluted.
Angel: The stars aren't really there, ese. No, what you're looking at is where they used to be, man. It takes the light a thousand years to reach the Earth. You know, for all we know, they burned out a long time ago, man. God pulled the plug on us. He didn't tell nobody.
Chuco: The stars are out there, homeboy. I don't care what you say.

Jaime Escalante: It's not that they're stupid, it's just they don't know anything.

Jaime Escalante: Hey, what you got?
Pancho: I got a core.
Jaime Escalante: You owe me a hundred percent. And I'll see you in the People's Court.

Jaime Escalante: Tough guys don't do math. Tough guys fry chicken for a living.

Jaime Escalante: You think you got it, Johnny? Think you have the answer?
Tito: Juan is X, Carlos is Y, Pedro is X + Y. Is Pedro bisexual or straight?
Jaime Escalante: Sometimes I worry about you.

Pancho: I don't need no math. I got a solar calculator with my dozen donuts.

Tito: ...Just don't ever let her know that you dig her. That's, like, the worst thing you can do with a woman.

Jaime Escalante: Now you got a ticket to watch the show.

Jaime Escalante: You only see the turn, you don't see the road ahead.

Jaime Escalante: You're like a blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat that isn't there.

Dr. Pearson: There is two kinds of racism, Mr. Escalante. Judging a group because they are a minority, and not judging a group because they are a minority.

Factual error: "Kemo" is in the kitchen preparing food while everyone is studying. We see him putting raw meat (brains) in a pan, and then in real time we see him having a discussion with Pancho, and Pancho walks out. Kemo then says the food is done and asks if anyone wants some - but there's been no more than 60 seconds since he put it in.

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Trivia: The movie seems to have been somewhat impressive to Jaime Escalante. After seeing it, he declared that it was '90% truth, 10% drama.'

Allister Cooper, 2011
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