Marnie (1964)

Ending / spoiler

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Mark Rutland thinking that he knows why Marnie is disturbed, takes her to see her mama to get a confession out of her to 'free' her daughter's mind. But finds out on the night of the 'accident', that when Bernice (the mother) and her boyfriend were going to bed on a stormy night, until Marnie gets scared from the thunder and lightning. When the boyfriend tries to console her, Bernice get offensive because she does not want him touching her daughter. Thinking that she has gone crazy, the boyfriend tries to calm her down, but Marnie, thinking that the boyfriend is attacking her mama, grabs a fireplace pick (or whatever it is called) and stabs him to his death. That is why Marnie is afraid to get close with men especially her husband Mark. And it is also the reason why she hates the color red because of the blood that was all over the boyfriend. Now that the truth was revealed, Marnie seems cured.

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