Small Time Crooks
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Frenchy: They say I have a flair for decorating. You know this rug lights up? It's made of fiber optics. I'll turn it on later. Stevens, what's with the snails?

Officer Ken Deloach: Hey, you're new here, huh?
May Sloane: Not really. This is my first day.

Denny: Ray really is a genius, Frenchy.
Frenchy: Compared to you, this chair is a genius, Denny.

Frenchy: What are you waiting for, the drilling season?

Ray: We make chicken-chip cookies, ahhhh... tuna mint.

Ray: Remember my nickname when we were in the joint?
Benny: The Brain?
Ray: The Brain. That's what the guys used to call me, right?
Benny: But, Ray! That was sarcastic.

Revealing mistake: At the start of digging the tunnel, one of the characters (I think Denny) calls Woody Allen, "Woody" by accident.

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