The Enforcer

Revealing mistake: When the armed gang abduct the Mayor, a LAW rocket is fired at a Lorry, the few seconds are obviously several shots pieced together. The giveaway being the driver is a dummy as the driver has no face, even after the explosion, the faceless dummy just falls out of the cab.


Revealing mistake: When the man in the car is shot in the forehead, blood spurts out of the back of his head about a second after the bullet hole appears in his forehead.


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Revealing mistake: A crowd of people are watching the filming as Harry sprays one of the kidnappers with a water hose. (01:25:49)


Revealing mistake: When the terrorists confront the mayor at his car, one of them kills the mayor's aide by shooting him in the head. When the mayor tells Maxwell that's he is not coming with them, you can see the 'dead' aide open his eyes.

Continuity mistake: When the soldier demonstrates the bazooka on a truck, the projectile hits the front of the truck, but the explosion comes from near the back of the truck.


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Kate Moore: You laugh at me, you bastard, and I'll shoot you where you stand.

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Trivia: In the film two hoods are called "Lalo" and "Buchinski". "Lalo" is a reference to Lalo Schifrin, composer of the other "Dirty Harry" movie soundtracks. "Buchinski" was the real last name of the actor Charles Bronson.

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