The Station Agent
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Finbar McBride: I'm retired, actually.
Emily: Aren't you a little young to be retired?
Finbar McBride: No, dwarves retire early. Common fact.
Emily: Yeah, lazy dwarves.

Finbar McBride: Well, there are people called train chasers. They follow a train and they film it.
Olivia Harris: Are you a train chaser?
Finbar McBride: No.
Olivia Harris: How come?
Finbar McBride: I don't know how to drive a car. And I don't own a camera.
Olivia Harris: That'd do it.

Joe Oramas: Hey, man, let me ask you a personal question. You've had sex before, right?
Finbar McBride: Yes.
Joe Oramas: With a regular sized chick?
Finbar McBride: With a regular sized chick.

Finbar McBride: Here I am! Take a look. take A look.

Olivia Harris: Would you do me a favor and not look at me right now?

Continuity mistake: When Fin meets Emily in the Mill Bar, the amount of beer in his glass goes up and down without him buying a round or replenishing his glass

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