The Lion King 1½
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Uncle Max: I flinched, when I should have scurried.

Banzai: Look at them scramble.
Shenzi: That's just how I like them: scrambled, and a little runny.

Mom: Everything the light touches... Belongs to someone else.
Timon: Funny, I thought you were going in a whole different direction.

Timon: I see carnivores.

Uncle Max: Meerkat! It's what's for dinner.

Pumbaa: After a long day of doing nothing, it's good to kick back.

Timon: How convenient. Enter omniscient monkey, right on cue.
Pumbaa: Well, you know what they say: "When the student is ready, the teacher appears."
Timon: That's it. No more fortune-cookies for you.

Shenzi: For your last meal, you're gonna eat those words.

Timon: It's coming to me. It's either that slug I ate, or I'm having an epiphany.

Timon: It was a wonderful phrase. It has some rhythm. Laduda Ladada. No, that wasn't it.

Uncle Max: Now what do we do if we see a hyena?
Timon: Scream, "mommy!"

Timon: Well, that worked like a dream.
Pumbaa: It did?
Timon: Sarcasm is a foreign language to you, isn't it?

Timon: It's as if you have some special power.
Pumbaa: Uh, special power? well, it's pretty powerful.

Uncle Max: Scurry, sniff... Flinch! Scurry, sniff... Flinch.

Timon: Just eat me now and please make it fast, I have a low threshold for pain.

Mom: Uncle Max, have you seen Timon?
Uncle Max: No, I haven't... And what a day it's been. No fractures, no lacerations, concussions, contusions of any sort. As a matter of fact there's no sign of Timon's handy-work anywhere.

Timon: I uh, I guess I owe everyone an apology. All right so I made a teensy mistake, like we all haven't broken into song on sentry duty before uh-haha come on, let me have a show of hands! Ooook.

Timon: This is the start of a beautiful acquaintanceship.

Continuity mistake: When Rafiki is telling Timon "It means - Look beyond what you see", there is a glitch in the shading on Rafiki's left arm just before he moves his palm upwards and gestures. It disappears before he raises his hand.

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Question: Immediately before finding Simba, Timon is having quills plucked out of his back and complains "Guess bowling for porcupines wasn't the best idea, huh?" Can this be a reference to Michael Moore's 'Bowling for Columbine'? The phrases are VERY similar, but it seems unlikely Disney would make light of a shooting in a school.

Answer: No, this would be a reference to link this film with the first, as Timone and Pumba scare off the buzzards that are surrounding Simba and Pumba says "Bowling for buzzards!" Hence "Bowling for porcupines..."

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