The Human Stain

Continuity mistake: When Anthony Hopkins first gives Nicole Kidman a ride to her place, it is raining outside. When he gets out of the car to go inside, the entire windshield is dry and clean as a whistle, even the area that is outside the reach of the wiperblades.

Continuity mistake: In the flashback when the young Coleman Silk is having lunch with his mother and Steena Paulsson, the beans on his mother's fork disappear between shots and the fork itself changes position. (01:06:15)

David Mercier

Continuity mistake: When Coleman and Faunia meet for the first time she's working at a shop and about to close. He gets something from a telling machine and drives off home. In the next shot we see him somewhere in the woods driving past Faunia who is standing next to her stalled car, smoking, and giving the impression that she has been already waiting for a while. The question is, however, how she got ahead of him. (00:25:30)


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