Ran (1985)

Ending / spoiler

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After hearing of his Father inasnity and his brothers' betrayal, Saburo, Lord Hidetora's Youngest son, sets off to rescue his father before his brothers will Kill him. Even though Lord Hidetora Banished Saburo, With the help of a nearby Kingdom, Saburo is willing to forgive his father. On his way, He encounters Jiro and a part of his army. Jiro is Blocking Saburo's Path. Saburo sets off with a few of his bodyguards to find his father and uses the other as a decoy, but Jiro is aware of his plan and sends some of his soldiers after him. Meanwhile, Lady Sue and her Blind Brother Tsurumaru escaped of Lady Kaede's vengefull assassin and arrive at a safe place, only to find out that Tsurmuru's flute Was forgotten. Even though he urges her not to live him, Lady Sue sets off back to his cabin. Before she leaves, she gives him an ancient Scroll of Buddah, so that he will not be alone. While Saburo's Bodyguards are waiting for his return, Lord Jiro, who Is blocking their path, Notices Fujiaky's Army, Saburo's adopters, on the hills on the horizon. He decides to wait for Saburo before he attacks. Meanwhile, Saburo Finds his father, Hidetora with the court Jester, And they set off. Before Lord Hidetora manages to forgive Saburo, Lord Jiro's Spying soldiers gun down Saburo and escape. Saburo Dies from the fatal gunshot, and so is His father, from agony. The court Jester and Tango, Saburo's loyal seevant, Mourns their death. While waiting, Lord Jiro Decides to attack Saburo's Forces, but as he do so, he realizes that the army on the horizon is nothing but a decoy, while the real Army assaults his home castle with the help of the Allied Armies. While defending the castle, Jiro's Bodyguard and General, Kurogane, hears the dreadful news of Lady Sue's Horrible Death. She and her maid were decapitated near Tsurumaru's Cabin, thus putting an end to the Ichimongi Clan. Realizing it was Kaede's orders, he enters her room and kill her.Meanwhile, far away, the funeral of Lord Hidetora and his son is held. far away, Turumaru is still waiting for his sister, unaware of her death, on the edge of a cliff. He accidently drops Buddah's Scroll of the cliff. He still waits, Alone, in the Darkness...


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