Zero Effect

Zero Effect (1998)

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Stark is Gloria's father. Zero (Bill Pullman) finds the keys and sends them to Stark (along with the tape); the keys were in the couch. Zero sends Steve Arlo (Ben Stiller) to Gloria with an airline ticket and some money. Zero tells her to keep moving around from one place to another (and not use her real name) for a few months just in case Stark sends someone to kill her. Arlo marries his sweetheart and Zero attends the wedding (in disguise). Zero attends the funeral of the hitman who killed Gloria's mother and finishes writing about "The Case of the Man who was so Stressed out that He Thought he lost his Keys and Ended up Having a Heart attack." He mentions that Gloria was the worthiest opponent, greatest ally and the only woman he's ever loved.


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Daryl Zero: Passion is the enemy of precision. Forget the misnomer 'crime of passion'. All crime is passionate. It's passion that moves the criminal to act, to disrupt the static inertia of morality. The client's passion for this dead woman had facilitated his downfall. And the blackmailer's passion will facilitate hers. When you live with no passion at all, other people's passion come into glaring relief.



When the ambulances and fire trucks show up at the building where the money was dropped off, the camera pans up the side of the closest ambulance and you can see the camera rig reflected in the windows.