Factual error: A brief shot of the World Trade Center at night is shown right before the team plays the Russians in NY, which is just days before the 1980 Olympics. This shot includes buildings located in front of the Twin Towers which were not completed until well after 1980. This complex of four buildings are known as the 'World Financial Center' and are well known for their oddly shaped rooftops. In 1988 the 'World Financial Center', the Winter Garden and 'World Financial Center Plaza' officially opened.

Factual error: At the start of the 2nd period, Al Michaels announces that the "Cone head" line is on the ice. In the actual game, it was the first line (Johnson/Silk/McClanahan) that started the 2nd period.

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Factual error: In the movie, the players on the bench rushed onto the ice to celebrate the victory about 4-5 seconds after the final horn sounded. In the actual game, everyone had left the bench with 1-1.5 seconds still left to play in the game.

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Factual error: Boris Mikhailov plays as a center in the movie, while in reality he was actually a right wing. Vladimir Petrov was the center.

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Factual error: The exhibition game at Madison Square Garden took place at 2:00pm, not at night as the outside shot of the arena depicts.

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Factual error: In the movie, just before Mike Eruzione scored the game-winning goal, one of his teammates shouted "Rizzo," and passed the puck to him. That was not the case in the actual game. The puck inadvertently bounced over to where he was; no one intentionally passed it to him.

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Factual error: In the actual games, the referees had their names on the backs of their jerseys (none of the refs in the movie did).

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Factual error: In the movie, Valeri Kharlamov is portrayed as a left winger with a right handed shot, in reality, Kharlamov was a right winger with a left handed shot. Additionally, his name is misspelled as "Charlamov" on the back of his uniform.

Factual error: Contrary to what the movie shows, goaltender Jim Craig actually did take the psychology test - the next day after he told the coach why he thought he wasn't necessary.

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Factual error: Immediately after the victory against the Soviets, coach Herb Brooks did indeed leave the bench and go back through the tunnel. However, it wasn't to find a secluded place to rejoice. He simply had to go to the restroom.

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Factual error: In the actual Olympic games, the ice looked nowhere near as immaculate as it did in the movie. The movie's ice is pure white, with vibrantly-colored blue lines, red lines, etc. Anyone who has seen the actual footage of the game knows that the ice surface is blotchy, very much like a pond.

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Factual error: Even though Jack O'Callahan was injured and couldn't play until the medal round, he still suited up for each game and skated during warm-ups. In the movie, he's wearing a suit and tie while on the bench.

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Factual error: The time clock digits on the scoreboard were not made up of individual round lights, as shown in the movie. They were made of illuminated bars, similar to the LED displays on alarm clocks.

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Factual error: The opening scene is set at USA Hockey headquarters, complete with logo out front and a receptionist answering the phone as "USA Hockey." However, the governing body now known as USA Hockey was then known as AHAUS (Amateur Hockey Association of the United States). AHAUS didn't become USA Hockey until 1989.


Factual error: The arena in the movie is way too small. The Olympic Ice Arena in Lake Placid had a capacity of about ten thousand, with an entire second level. The only "second level" the arena in the movie has is the small balcony at the end of the ice.

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Factual error: Al Michaels never referred to the Harrington/Schneider/Pavelich line as the "Conehead" line when announcing the game on ABC.

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Factual error: Colorado Springs location shots are completely off. Broadmoor World Arena had a very high, arched roof, wooden seats throughout and no press box even vaguely resembling that shown in the film. It was demolished in 1995 though actual photos are still available here: http://www.coloradocollege.edu/athletics/hockey/history/allbroadmoor/BroadmoorWorldArenaPhotos1.cfm Olympic Training Center was built on the grounds of an old military base, no rolling hills or heavy vegetation. In 1979 the old barracks, used as dormatories for the athletes, were very prominent and visible on the grounds.

Factual error: The skates are all modern - they are all black plastic, no metal.

Factual error: In the movie, after the USSR's first goal, the announcer *correctly* announces that the goal was scored by Krutov, who deflected the puck in. In the actual game, she incorrectly announced that it was the player who made the initial slap-shot. (Later in the game, Al Michaels pointed out the correction while doing the play-by-play.).

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Factual error: In one game the camera pans to Herb and behind him we can see a man wearing an Under Armor hat. Under Armor didn't come out until 1996.

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Herb Brooks: Tonight, WE are the greatest hockey team in the world.

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Trivia: Just after time expires, Coach Brooks extends his hand to shake hands with Assistant Coach Patrick. Patrick gives him a big bear-hug instead. Kurt Russel (Brooks) didn't know he was going to do that; the directors wanted a genuine reaction.

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Question: Why didn't Finland's hockey team medal in the 1980 games if they played the U.S. for the gold?


Chosen answer: It appears that the medal round was just a continuation of the round robin tournament. When the US deafeated Finland, it cliched the best record in the tournament. The Soviet Union had the second best record, and Sweden the third best.

Timothy Cheseborough

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