Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 (1998)

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Corrected entry: After Billy Brown kidnaps Layla, he gets in her vehicle and starts the car. After they return from "cleaning" the windshield he remarks that he cannot drive a shifter car. If this were true, he wouldn't have known how to start the car or how to leave it running in neutral while they got out, as both require using the clutch. But even if he knew how to perform those actions, he should have remarked about the shifter then, instead of suddenly realizing it when they were ready to take off. (00:13:35)

Correction: A "shifter car" or a car with a gear stick does not require you to engage the clutch to start the car - you just use the key to turn it on however you may need a little "gas" sometimes aswell. Also there is not a "neutral" gear - the engine just turns over until you decide to move when you would put it into reverse or first gear.Also I think that a dirty windscreen would be noticed before the gear stick by someone who thinks his is in an automatic car.

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