Something's Gotta Give

Corrected entry: After Nicholson's heart attack Dr. Mercer informs him that an EKG has revealed a blocked artery to his heart; I do not believe an EKG is capable of this diagnosis.

Correction: Actually, an EKG can diagnose a blocked artery (myocardial infarction/heart attack.) The part of the EKG called the "S-T segment" can elevate to a high amplitude rounded appearance that indicates lack of blood flow to the muscle-it is often referred to as a "tomb stone" sign.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Diane Keaton is coming home from her date with Keanu Reeves she does not have panty hose on. However, when she came out to meet Keanu you see her with black panty hose on. When did she take them off?

Correction: Take a closer look. She does not have on black hose when she comes out to meet Keanu Reeves for the date. Her legs look bare.

Corrected entry: On the way to the beach house, Harry stops the car for a moment. Maron tells him, "Make a right." The next shot shows the car moving from a stop, and turning left.

Correction: She tells him to take a right and then a left into the second driveway. It then cuts to him turning left into the driveway. You can tell it's the driveway because it's not paved. The cut is rather abrupt.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Marin calls Diane to tell her about Marin's dad getting remarried; Diane comes into the house to answer the phone, and you hear the door slamming shut, but the door never closes.

Correction: If you watch closely, what you hear and see is the screen door slamming shut. The actual door never closes.


Corrected entry: In the restaurant in Paris, when Jack Nicholson approaches Diane Keaton's table, there is no chair located opposite from where Diane is sitting. Jack then approaches the table and after saying his pleasantries, sits down without his asking for a chair or anyone bringing one over to him.

Correction: The chair is pushed in very close to the table, and hard to see from the side view. Look closely - it's there.


Corrected entry: When Zoe unexpectedly brings Julian home from the farmer's market, it appears that Erica is already setting a table for three guests. Why? She didn't know Julian would be joining them.


Correction: If you look closer, you can see that the third table mat is sitting in the middle of the table and that she skips it when sitting down the utensils.

T Poston

Corrected entry: At roughly an hour and 10 minutes into the film when Harry and Erica first sleep together, Harry falls asleep on the left hand side and in the morning, when the alarm goes off, he is on the right. (The viewer's right and left.)

Correction: In the commentary director Nancy Meyers in the DVD she explains why they wake up on the opposite sides of the bed that they had been sleeping before. She wanted to let audiences know that there was more love making during the night.

Corrected entry: Diane abruptly leaves a Manhattan restaurant, without her pocket book or purse, after spotting Nicholson with another woman, and hails a taxi. How was she going to pay for the ride?

Correction: She could have asked the taxi driver to keep the meter running while she went up to her hotel room to get some money.

Jane Doe

Corrected entry: At the beginning, Jack's girlfriend tells him to make a right, but he turns left.


Correction: She does tell him to make a right, and that it is the second house on the left. We don't see him make the right, but the left turn he makes leads right into the driveway. Perhaps a shot is missing, but technically, he followed the directions.


Corrected entry: When Harry walks into the restaurant in Paris he has a beard. When he gets to the table where Erica is he is now clean-shaven.

Correction: When Harry gets into the elevator after leaving Marin, he has a beard. When he gets out of the elevator, he no longer has a beard because it's a different day - and he's in Paris.


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