Arabian Nights

Continuity mistake: During the final battle scene, there are two shots showing a kicking horse lying on the ground, with one of Haroun al Rashid's soldiers (dead, most likely) pinning it down at its neck. In the first shot, one of Kamar's soldiers lies in front of its flailing hooves, but in the next shot, an al Rashid warrior drives a Kamar soldier backwards, tripping him across the lying horse - and the Kamar warrior from the first shot is gone. My guess is that the cuts were originally in reversed order but re-arranged for the scene.

Continuity mistake: When Kamar is assassinated by Nadan the Grand Vezier, he slips into the harem basin with his left arm bend towards the dagger in his back. But in the next shot (as the blood spills into the water), his left arm is pointing forward.

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