Midnight Cowboy

Midnight Cowboy (1969)

Plot summary

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Joe Buck lives in Texas, but decides to move up to New York to become a male prostitute saying that the girls in New York, are dying for sex. Joe meets Ratso, who helps him his plight in becoming a prostitute in New York.


Revealing mistake: When Dustin Hoffman dies at the end of the film, if you look closely at his chest you can see him breathing.

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Annie - Texas: You're the only one, Joe. You're the only one.

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Trivia: The most famous line in this film is purely ad-libbed. Apparently a tough New York cabbie broke through and drove across one shoot, nearly running down Jon Voight (Joe Buck) and Dustin Hoffman (Enrico Salvatore "Ratso" Rizzo). Notice Voight's startled expression. Hoffman, still in character, slams on the hood and shouts at the cabbie, "Hey, I'm walkin' here. I'm walkin' here."

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