Straw Dogs

Straw Dogs (1971)

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Continuity mistake: When Dustin Hoffman drives into town at great speed, he swerves around a tractor going in the opposite direction. He parks the car and exactly one minute later the same tractor drives towards him from the middle of town and heads off up the same road it had already travelled. To accomplish this, it must have turned around and driven back to town at about 90 mph - about 5 times its normal top speed.

Visible crew/equipment: When David and Amy are driving to the farmhouse, just after shopping in town, the camera and its operator are plainly visible, reflected in the car's driver side window.

Continuity mistake: When David enters the living room to see how the men are getting on with the man trap, you can see there are two rifles hanging above the fireplace, but when David tells the men to hang the trap over the fireplace, the rifles have disappeared.

Revealing mistake: When David is re-loading his gun whilst out duck shooting, we see three ducks flying to the right and then immediately to the left, revealing that it is the same film in reverse.

Continuity mistake: When Amy tells David to go out and get some lettuce, David notices the addition symbol on the blackboard was changed to subtract by Amy earlier on. At this point, there are two subtraction symbols between the equation, but in the next shot the left subtraction symbol has changed to an addition, and in the shot after that, it becomes a subtraction again.

Amy Sumner: David, give Niles to them. That's what they want. They just want him. Give them Niles, David.
David Sumner: They'll beat him to death.
Amy Sumner: I don't care! Get him out.
David Sumner: You really don't care, do you?
Amy Sumner: No, I don't.
David Sumner: No. I care. This is where I live. This is me. I will not allow violence against this house.

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Trivia: Dustin Hoffman didn't want to do this movie as he was not a fan of violent films. He later admitted that he only took up the role for the money.

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