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Corrected entry: When Bill follows Cobb into the cafe, Cobb only orders coffee. However, when Bill orders just coffee, the waitress says it's lunch time, insisting that he order something else.

Correction: The waitress does not insist Bill order something else - she hints that she'd like him to order something more. She may have done the same with Cobb. As well, we see Cobb sitting down WITH his coffee - so he probably got it at the counter and carried it to the table. While Bill is weak and would do as he was asked, Cobb would have probably refused to order more.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the film, Bill is shown coughing up the white gloves that had been stuffed completely in his mouth. However, later in the film, Cobb does not completely stuff the gloves in Bill's mouth.

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Cobb: You take it away... to show them what they had.

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