Night on Earth

Night on Earth (1991)

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Corrected entry: When camera cuts back to Victoria at the baggage claim she takes off her last piece of luggage. For some reason the belt has stopped already, only a minute after it has started, and her suitcase happens to be right there where she is standing. (00:07:40)


Correction: It is stated in the movie that the scene is taking place at the EXECUTIVE terminal. A place for small planes with half a dozen people on them. No need to run the baggage carousel for 1/2 an hour. As for her bag being right there, during the cut away to Corky on the phone, she could have taken a few steps.

Corrected entry: It gives a very human touch, but it is hard to imagine that a licensed NY taxi driver wouldn't know how to drive or wouldn't know his way around the city at least a bit, even if he were of German origin and on his first day of work.


Correction: You obviously have never ridden in a New York cab. If you happen to get a driver who 1) speaks English and 2) knows his way around properly, you can count yourself lucky. It is absolutely terrifying the sort of people they let loose in a Yellow Cab without any kind of credentials whatsoever.

Phil C.

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