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Corrected entry: In the scene where Boss gives Percy a Cuban cigar, Percy smells the cigar. But you hear his "sniffing" noise before the cigar gets to his nose.

Correction: Several times during this scene he sniffs, as though his nose is running, which is why he's heard sniffing before he gets the cigar. He then smells the cigar silently.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Charlie and Boss are in the general store the storekeeper offers them jujubes. According to my research jujubes were first introduced sometime in the early part of the 20th century by the Henry Heide company. The candy itself may have existed, but it would not have been called jujubes.

Correction: Jujubes were invented by the Heide Company which was started by German immigrant, Henry Heide in 1869. They were in fact called Jujubes, named after the jujube berry.

Actually, when Heide created them in 1869 they were just called Juju's. They were not called Jujubes until around 1920.

Corrected entry: The scene where Charlie Wait shoots out the mirror in the bar is seen from two camera angles. First a long shot directly down the bar. Second from a long shot over our heroes' left shoulder. Watched frame by frame, the shotgun goes off in the first shot, the camera cuts and the shotgun goes off in the second shot. At normal speed it just feels clunky. Watching at a slower speed you can see why.

Correction: Per the rules of this site, anything that requires watching frame-by-frame to see it is NOT a mistake.

Corrected entry: At the final battle, as Boss Spearman runs into the Cabin where Baxter is, he holds a rifle in his hands. when he jumps into the cabin, the rifle changes to a Revolver.

Correction: No, it does not. Spearman shoots at the door (twice), then Charley is seen firing at Baxter's hand and afterwards Spearman is seen from the back, jumping through the door. A rifle or pistol can not be seen, though it is likely that he dropped the rifle, since the so called "scatter gun" was empty after two shots. He then pulls a gun and jumps through the door, without showing, what he is holding. Charley even tells him at the very beginning of the shootout to empty the scatter gun, throw it on the ground and use a pistol. There was enough time for that, since he was off screen.

Corrected entry: During the scene when Charlie Waite is at the Doc's house with Boss and Doc's sister Sue, a close-up of a clock shows the time to be 9:35. A minute later the sister walks in front of a wall showing a clock that reads 9:30

Correction: The clocks are quite different, in that the one showing 9.35 has a wooden surround, with what appears to be inlaid flowers, whereas the later clock, showing 9.30 is a simple metal framed clock. It is likely therefore that the two clocks are in different rooms.

Corrected entry: In the saloon scene, the saloon keeper refuses to serve Charley Waite a beer because Denton Baxter and Sheriff Poole control the town. To get attention and make his point, Charley Waite slides the beer glass across the bar and hits the saloon keeper in the head real hard. The glass drops to the floor. You don't hear the glass hit the floor or break.

Correction: After the bartender is hit with the glass, it rolls around on the bar for a moment and falls to the floor. On the DVD version, the sound of shattering glass is quite obvious.


Corrected entry: In the shootout scene, often there is a significient delay between the discharge of a firearm and the sound of the bullet striking an object, the two sounds should be contemporaneous.

Correction: I have an old Colt .45 and I can hear the report then the bullet hitting the target. The older shells had less powder in them so the bullet was slower.

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