The Replacement Killers

Revealing mistake: After shooting in the door to Meg's office, the man in the darker jacket shoots the computer then steps into the room. John jumps him and grabs his gun (his shirt is unmarked in this shot). John then shoots him at point blank range. In the closeup of the shooting, the man's shirt is already torn - and the bloodpack/charge is visible through the hole - for a few frames before the gun is fired and the special effect goes off. (00:22:23)


Continuity mistake: When John is with Meg, sorting out the details of his new passport, 2 goons come to get them. The movements of the goons in the regular shots doesn't match what John and Meg see on the closed circuit TV. The CCTV shows the man on the left getting ready to shoot the door, the next shot (non-CCTV) shows the man on the right shooting the door. (00:22:10)


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Wei: Do not confuse luck with skill.

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Trivia: This movie set the record for most bullets fired in an American film.

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