Veronica Guerin

Corrected entry: When Veronica leaves the court house, the Guinness lorry is still loading barrels of beer. She is driving fast, much faster than any lorry could, yet the same lorry is blocking her way miles further.


Correction: The Guinness lorry pulls away from the courthouse before veronica. veronica gets in her car and dials a number on her phone and then pulls off. We were shown the lorry pulling away before this.

Corrected entry: At the end of the film when Veronica has been shot, we see through the sun roof that she is lying, dead, across onto the passenger seat. However, we see before when she is on the phone that she is wearing her seatbelt; hence, she could not have fallen across the seats - she would have just slumped forward. Macabre, I know, but a mistake all the same.

Correction: After Veronica leaves the court house at the end of the film we never see her wearing a seatbelt. I've watched it over and over and she never has the seatbelt on.

Corrected entry: Most Dublin gang members don't wear leather jackets. Anyone from Dublin will tell you that the majority of Dublin gang members wear tracksuits.

Correction: Another submission with the word "most" in it. The majority wearing tracksuits in no way precludes individuals from wearing leather jackets, especially if you're talking about the scene where Veronica is killed by men on a motorcycle wearing motorcycle jackets.

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