Revealing mistake: When Jack and Marty drive the skinny lady to her inbred folks Jack follows one of them into his house. He has a terrarium where a snake is just swallowing a screaming but otherwise lifeless rat.


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Suggested correction: The rat's last dying gasp? Morticians will also tell you that if you compress a corpse's chest, the deceased will make moaning noises as air from the lungs is forced out and past the vocal chords. Why couldn't the same process happen with a rat?


Revealing mistake: When Jack's car falls down into the quarry there is not only the notorious exploding motor but also another explosion in the back for which there is no reason.



Revealing mistake: When Jack and Marty are shot at in the hotel room and the second bullet hits the window the glass pieces are flying from a different spot from where the hole appears.



Revealing mistake: Jack pierces the snake owner's hand with his pen with the hidden blade. In close up you see that the hand is a prop: it has a different colour, and there is already a mark where the blade is about to go through.



Revealing mistake: When Jack and Marty go back to LA they drive by two stuffed but nevertheless mooing elks.



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