Poltergeist II: The Other Side

Corrected entry: Taylor tells Freeling's that only spirit of entire family can save Carol Anne, but, in the end, she is not saved by whole family because Dana is not there.


Correction: He never says that only the whole family can save her. He says "When you find Carol Ann, band together, that will prevent you from crossing over to infinity. The light of the family can defeat him."

Corrected entry: In the "Robbie's brace" attack scene, both of the bathroom doors slam shut and later the left door slams shut again.

Correction: There are three doors for the bathroom. When Robbie's Braces start to attack him, two doors are shown being shut. The door on his right side (which leads to the parents bedroom) and the door on his left side(Which leads to his and his sisters room) There is still a door open behind him which is the door that leads out to the hallway. This door can still be seen open in the mirror after the first two doors close. Then the hallway door slams shut when he tries escaping through it.

Corrected entry: Right as Robbie's braces start attacking him in the bathroom, his parents realize the presence is back in the house when they see the flashing lights and hear the sounds, and are knocked backwards, etc. They run upstairs to help Robbie, who is screaming, but why, oh why would they tell Carol Anne to stay there and then leave her alone when the spirits were attacking? Don't you think they would know better?


Correction: Aside from the fact that this is the characters' judgement, it is a good point, but we are meant to believe that the parents trust Taylor now, and he is downstairs with Carol Anne. Therefore, it would be safe to leave her there with him whilst they go and help Robbie.

Corrected entry: When the parents are outside the restaurant arguing about what to do next, Steve Freeling says they should keep running. Diane responds with something like "Run where? it followed us here..it will follow us where ever we go". But the Evil Force did NOT follow them there. It was the ghost of Diane's mother warning them of bad things to come.

Gavin Jackson

Correction: So the characters were mistaken, it's not a mistake in the movie.


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Taylor: Children have fought wars, have built nations. They are strong and have courage, don't treat them any less than that because they're young.



It is obvious a dummy was used when Steve is thrown from his easy chair into the kitchen cabinet.



Unbeknownst to the cast and crew, several of the skeletons ordered for the production were real human skeletons (as opposed to replicas). When this was discovered, some crew and cast members demanded an exorcism or cleansing be performed on set, as they had already been feeling uneasy on-set before learning this, and felt the real skeletons may have brought some unwanted spirits to the set. Co-star Will Sampson, who like his character was a real-life shaman, offered to return to set one night after everyone else went home in order to perform an exorcism ritual. Reportedly, the mood and feeling on set greatly improved afterwards.