Nuts (1987)

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Continuity mistake: When Claudia is being cross examined Dr. Morrison can be seen in the background with his pen in his hand and then his hands clasped, and then with his hands on his cheek throughout the entire scene as the camera angle changes.


Revealing mistake: Barbara Streisand (institutionalized) is brought in wearing a hospital gown and house coat to meet with her lawyer Richard Dreyfuss for the first time. She props her feet up on the table and spreads her legs for Dreyfuss to get him to react (underwear-less). As the angle changes and Streisand stands up, you can see her panty-line through her house coat.

Larry Koehn

Continuity mistake: When Levinsky is cross examining Dr. Morrison the camera angles from the front show him with his arms and hands on the witness box, but all the shots from the back show them in a different position. Happens throughout the scene.


Continuity mistake: When Claudia is making up with her mother you see Levinsky taking his pen out and putting the cap on the end. She's done talking to her mother and when she goes back to sit with Levinsky, he's seen taking off the cap and putting it on the end of the pen again.


Continuity mistake: Claudia is sitting opposite Dr Morrison, in his office, with a big desk between them. When we have the camera getting Dr Morrison's view, across the desk, there is a very tall pen, but when we get Claudia's view across the desk, to Dr Morrison, there is no pen.


Dr. Herbert A. Morrison: Would you like a cup of coffee?
Claudia Draper: Not unless there's Thorazine in it.
Dr. Herbert A. Morrison: Sorry, only milk and sugar.
Claudia Draper: Pass.

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