Shocker (1989)


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Lt. Don Parker: This is screwball beyond belief.

Lt. Don Parker: Jesus. That chair really kicks ass.

Horace Pinker: Come on, boy, let's take a ride in my Volts Wagon.

Jonathan Parker: We can't go killing people just to get Pinker out of their bodies.

Lt. Don Parker: It smells like the goddamn electric chair in here.

Horace Pinker: I eat this wimp's will power for breakfast, John-bo.

Lt. Don Parker: You on drugs or what?

Horace Pinker: You like killing too, huh? There's nothing about it. We're killers.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Rhino pulls Johnathan from the blue police car, he completely smashes the back window to get him out. When John's father/Pinker backs the car out to chase Johnathan, the window is intact.

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