Eddie (1996)


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Trautwig, Al: To me, it looks like two of New York's most respected retailers love Eddie.
Rahman, Mujibur: Eddie is the best thing to happen to New York.
Islam, Sirajul: Since David Letterman.
Mujibur and Sirajul: She's very nice.
Trautwig, Al: How much is the T-shirt?
Trautwig, Al: 18 bucks.
Rahman, Mujibur: (gives the Bengali word for "ripoff").

Edwina "Eddie" Franklin: You realise your son got a D in English?
Rae Jones: What's that got to do with him playing ball?
Edwina "Eddie" Franklin: A lot, but your first question should have been, "Why did he get a D in English?" You need to start paying attention to him in school or you're going to be watching him in court instead of on the court.

Joe Sparks: (to Stacy) I don't get it, man. Is she "The Gipper" or not?
Stacy Patton: Man, you sure are white.

Edwina "Eddie" Franklin: You see the sign back there? It says John 3:16. That is not a biblical quote, baby. You know what that is? That's your sorry road record 'cause you're the anti-coach.

Edwina "Eddie" Franklin: (to a referee while honorary coach) Hey, you with the $1.99 rug on your head! Would you get out of my way, please?

Edwina "Eddie" Franklin: Bailey! Bailey! Bailey, you gonna try something new tonight, like trying to coach? It's the NBA, buddy - no buttheads allowed, but you keep coming back. I don't understand it.

Edwina "Eddie" Franklin: Hey, Patton, pass the ball! What are you, the black hole of basketball? Come on.
Joe Sparks: (to Stacy) You going to let her call you a black ho?
Darren Taylor: Man, a hole.
Stacy Patton: What's a black hole?
Polynice, Olden: A black hole is a theoretical object in space. It is so dense that matter collapses... and light itself cannot escape. (shoots his free throw).
Terry Hastings: I knew that.

Edwina "Eddie" Franklin: Was that your mistake, Mr. Rodman? I think so.
Dennis Rodman: Your team don't know how to play. Bad shots... bad coach.
Edwina "Eddie" Franklin: Bad hair.
Dennis Rodman: At least I look good.
Edwina "Eddie" Franklin: For the moment. Get your earrings, baby. You look naked.

Continuity mistake: In one scene, in the middle of the movie, one of the older players is sitting in a chair near the basketball court, and he is wearing sweat pants, white ones I believe. He is then asked to come in to play by Eddie (Whoopi Goldberg). He then stands up. But in the next scene he is walking up to the other players on the basketball court taking off a light jacket, but no sweat pants.

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Trivia: At the street ball the guys who play with Stacy Paton are actually NBA players John Starks and Anthony Mason from the NY Knicks and Gary Payton from the Seattle Sonics.


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Question: What is the name and artist of the song that plays when the Knicks' winning streak begins?

Answer: "Rock & Roll pt 2" by Gary Glitter.

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