Continuity mistake: Aaoron is buried in sand at the end to die. His arms are covered with it, then in the next shot, they are clean. He can't reach them to brush them off and no one else did.

Continuity mistake: Young Lucius kills a fly and Titus comes round the table to talk to him. There are several shots of the table. The position of Young Lucius' fork changes from the right hand side of his plate to the left.

Continuity mistake: The position of the spoon as Lucius jams it down Saturninus' throat.

Continuity mistake: Young Lucius carries a bundle of weapons to Chiron and Demetrius. The weapons are dumped on a pool table and Young Lucius is then lifted up onto the table. The position of the weapons and the pool balls on the table change from shot to shot.

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