Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Corrected entry: When Joseph tells Pharoah that he understands the bit about the corn, but says he doesn't understand the bit about the cows, he asks Pharoah to repeat it again. Then, Pharoah should have repeated the part about the cows because that's the part Joseph doesn't understand, but instead Pharoah repeats the part about the corn which Joseph said he understood.

Correction: When Joseph said "Give it to me one more time" he actually meant "Can you sing a bit more while I think about the cows?"

Corrected entry: When Joseph is in the pit and the narrator is singing 'Poor Poor Joseph' a snake comes up from the pit. You can see that Donny Osmond is in fact working the snake as well as making it appear that Joseph is trying to climb out of the pit.

Correction: This is not an error. It's meant to be obvious that Joseph is working the snake puppet. It's consistent with the "stage" concept of the movie, which stresses simple props (such as the hilariously fake sheep) and a bare minimum of special effects.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Narrator is alone on the stage singing the "Pharoh's Story" song, she is sitting in a chair and there is nothing behind her. Later, near the end of the song, there are lightstands and coloured lights on the floor behind her.

Correction: There are two red curtains: when you see the lights you can see that the front curtains have been pulled back. (Although the chair still disappears).

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Joseph: Benjamin! You nasty youth, your crime has shocked me to the core. Never in my whole career have I encountered this before. Guards! Seize him! Lock him in a cell. Throw the keys into the Nile as well.



In the very beginning, when the Narrator is singing the very first song she starts to move around the lecturn she is leaning on, it then cuts to another camera and she is behind the lecturn again and starts to move away from it again.



The colours of the coat (in case you were wondering) are red, yellow, green, brown, scarlet, black, ochre, peach, ruby, olive, violet, fawn, lilac, gold, chocolate, mauve, cream, crimson, silver, rose, azure, lemon, russet, grey, purple, white, pink, orange and blue. They were once voted the best lyrics in the piece, and Tim Rice didn't even write them.