A Man Apart

A Man Apart (2003)

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Corrected entry: When Vin tries to get Lorenz Tate to go with him for one last run, Vin shouts at him "What if it happened to you." As he walks away, Tate stands at the corner of his house, meanwhile, some white guy peeks his head out from behind Tate's house.

Correction: The person who sticks their head out was at the edge of the property line. It was probably a neighbor who heard the two guys yelling. Since you can't tell if it's a crew member, it's not a mistake. Plus, it's not a white guy, it's a black guy.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Vin and his partner discuss Memo's escape, Vin believes it was his fault because he signed the transfer papers. How could he authorize a transfer after he had to turn in his badge?

Correction: It looks like Vin and the boys at the prison knew each other, and I doubt the word of him turning in his badge spread that fast. That's why the prison boys had no problem transferring the prisoner.

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In the shot where Hollywood Jack shoots his Mexican counterpart, the Mexican's blood get splattered on to the side of the refrigerator.When the shot changes to show Hollywood Jack drinking his beer, it shows no blood on the side of the refrigerator.



I don't speak Spanish, however, after asking my fiance (from Mexico) to carefully watch the scene when Memo talks to his right hand man, it explained the movie better. If you know Spanish and listen to the dialogue carefully, you hear Memo asking his right hand man to kill his son. That explains A LOT.