Jackass: The Movie

Revealing mistake: In the scene in which Ryan Dunn jumps into cacti with his BMX bike Preston Lacy is supposedly yanked off of his couch by the momentum of Ryan's jump. However, if you look closely in the background it is obvious that Preston Lacy hardly moves at all from Ryan's jump and the effect was edited in later. [In reality, Dunn barely even movied Lacy. The crew reshot it and pulled Preston off the couch by hand.]

Revealing mistake: Now it is said by Dunn that at the end, when Dunn craps out the toy car, it is shown again in the credits, but is put in reverse so the shot looks like it was filmed at a different angle.

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Steve-O: We wanted to see if you would run.
Ryan Dunn: I'm not running anywhere with a toy car shoved up my butt.



The opening scene in the shopping cart must have been filmed in two places. At one point you can see the end of the road, which is just a brick wall, but they crash into a market.



Prior to the release of this film, Johnny Knoxville was reported to be, by an American tabloid, "so dishevelled" by a boy who died reconstructing "Big Wheel Craze" that he refused to make the movie or any more episodes of "Jackass." Two weeks later, the ad for the film was shown in the exact same spot in the paper.