Tears of the Sun

Continuity mistake: When the refugees cross a river there's a man with a crutch under his right arm. When a soldier reaches out to help him he takes the crutch in his left hand, but when the camera angle changes the crutch is back under his right arm. (00:19:25)


Other mistake: When the Navy SEAL snipers start shooting at the ethnic cleansers, there are two snipers, the sniper that shoots second (he has an M-14) hits a Nigerian soldier in the back, they then go back to the sniper in the tree who tells Dr Kendrick to be quiet by. They then go back to the second sniper and he shoots again they show the same shot of the Nigerian getting hit in the back but from a different angle.

Continuity mistake: When Bruce Willis is on the phone with Tom Skerritt, Skerritt is holding the phone with his right hand and the antenna pointing up. In his next shot we see him with the phone in his left hand and antenna pointing down. So he could have changed hands but it doesn't seem very likely.

Continuity mistake: When the team does the high altitude jump, the plane is shown from the left side. The next scene is a night vision shot from the perspective of a jumper and it is no longer the same aircraft, most apparent in the tail section.

Plot hole: After the team takes care of the ethnic cleansers, there is a flat-bed lorry with a belt-fed weapon just sitting there. Since the cleansers came in from somewhere ahead of the team, why not load the refugees onto the truck and head out? If nothing else, it would increase their lead over the pursuers.

Factual error: They say that they'll land right on the edge of the Amazon rainforest, however, the Amazon is located in Brazil, not Nigeria. (00:05:50)

Factual error: The SEAL team communicates with the commander on the ship with a man pack VHF/UHF radio. Not only does the radio man not erect the antenna but it would not be possible to communicate with the ship using this type of radio because it is a "line of sight" radio designed for ground to air communication. The commander on the ship uses a satellite phone to respond, it is not possible to use this type of radio to communicate with a satellite phone. Also, the Lieutenant doesn't use the push to talk button on the side of the microphone and uses the radio more like a telephone, the equipment simply doesn't work that way. The time is from the director's extended cut. (00:58:35)


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