Knockaround Guys

Corrected entry: In the scene where Dennis Hopper is playing hand-ball, Berry Pepper delivers a package to him. Hopper in return gives him $200 dollars. Pepper puts the money in his pocket. At the end of the scene when Pepper get up off the bench to leave you can see the money fall out of his pocket.

Correction: That is not necessarily a mistake. It happens all the time in real life, why can't it happen in a movie?

Continuity mistake: When Matty is talking alone with the Sheriff, in the background you can see Chris Scarpa starting to walk away. In the next shot, Chris is back where he started.

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Taylor: 500 fights, that's the number I figured when I was a kid. 500 street fights and you could consider yourself a legitimate tough guy. You need them for experience. To develop leather skin. So I got started. Of course along the way you stop thinking about being tough and all that. It stops being the point. You get past the silliness of it all. But then, after, you realise that's what you are.

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