The Cat from Outer Space

Revealing mistake: Sandy Duncan is not married in the film, but Duncan's real wedding ring can be seen on her finger.


Revealing mistake: When Jake reactivates the old biplane at Daley's Airport and Wilson mounts it as it takes off to pursue Olympus, you can see the wires from which the skeletal plane is hanging. (01:29:20)


Revealing mistake: When Frank and Jake go into the hangar to get diagnostics on Jake's ship, Frank is asked to go to the top of the craft to input a number using an intercog. When Frank begins to fly around the hangar you can see the wires that are suspending him.


Factual error: Jake takes a huge piece of gold and condenses it down into a small strip. It is then lifted with no difficulty. For the science of the film to work, this would have to be done without losing any of the gold's mass, or they could just get a small piece. As of such, the condensed gold would be just as heavy, if not heavier than in its original form.

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Jake - voice: My name is Zunar J 5 Slash 9 Doric 4 7.
Frank: Uh, Z-Zunar.
Jake - voice: ...Let's just stick with 'Jake', okay?

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Trivia: Sandy Duncan has a fear of real cats, so fake cats had to be used when she handles Jake in the film.

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