8 Crazy Nights

Corrected entry: Whitey can't read, yet in the first scene we see Whitey and Elenore soak their feet, he is reading a magazine.

logan crews

Correction: There's nothing to suggest he's reading it, he could just be looking at the pictures, the magazine was called "Shore & Goofy" after all.


Corrected entry: Early in the film, before Whitey falls out of the tall Christmas tree, the narrator states that he did odd jobs around town to help make ends meet. However, during the "Bum Biddy" number, Davey states that Whitey usually does the jobs for free, or "at most a dollar."

Correction: Not necessarily a mistake. He could be doing a lot of odd jobs around town.

Corrected entry: When Dave is getting on the greyhound bus, he sits down in an aisle seat and the camera flashes to the driver. A second later, it goes back to Dave and he's in the window seat.

Correction: He is always in a window seat.

Corrected entry: When Whitey is yelling at Davey for stealing the peanut brittle he puts his car into Park, then Davey gets out and Whitey floors it and his tires spin out, but his tires wouldn't move because it is in Park.

Correction: If you look closely, Whitey does put his hand on the gear shift - then the scene cuts away. you should assume that he DID change gears before trying to drive.

Continuity mistake: In the long ago song scene when Davey is talking about the names on the tree, you see Jennifer and she has what looks like eyeliner and lipstick on, but 2 seconds later you see a close up of her and she has no visible lips and not even eye lashes.

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Benjamin: Eat that nutstrap, biach.
Jennifer: Benjamin?

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Trivia: Adam Sandler's wife, Jackie Titone, was the voice of Jennifer.

T Poston
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