Onegin (1999)


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Vladimir Lensky: Didn't I say don't be late?
Evgeny Onegin: Yes.
Vladimir Lensky: Then why are you late?


Tatyana Larina: Am I noble enough for you now?

Evgeny Onegin: If you but knew the flames that burn in me which I attempt to beat down with my reason.

Evgeny Onegin: You interpret my heart, my nature, as you wish to believe it. In truth, I have no secret longing to be saved from myself.

Tatyana Larina: Oh God. It hurts.
Evgeny Onegin: Why does it hurt?
Tatyana Larina: Because you are too late. Yes, you are too late Evgeny.

Factual error: The song Olga and Lensky sing at the piano was written in the first half of the 20th century, while the events happen about 100 years earlier.

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