The Flintstones

The Flintstones (1994)

4 corrected entries

Corrected entry: Cliff's plan was to find an idiot, promote him to vice president, frame him for embezzlement, and run off with all the money. So, why did he promote Fred, whom he thinks scored the highest on the exam? Cliff obviously knows nothing about Barney switching Fred's test with his.

Correction: Cliff's plan was to frame the person who got the highest promotion, not an "idiot." The fact that he thought Fred got the highest score is a plus because Fred is not at all intelligent.

Corrected entry: Near the end, the kids are kidnapped. If Bam Bam is so strong, why does he not release himself and Pebbles when they are tied with ropes?

Correction: At best, a character mistake. Would you expect a child that young to have that much presence of mind when he's probably very scared?

Corrected entry: When the Slate Co. boss turns the lever in the casino from "WIN" to "LOSE", how could he know which games Fred was playing?

Correction: Wrong Flintstones movie.

Corrected entry: When Fred is walking into the cave where the homeless people live, he is wearing black clothes. But when he is trying to escape from the mad people and is running out of the cave, he has changed to his normal orange/black clothes.


Correction: He took off the black coat when he went in the cave.



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