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City of Angels (1998)

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Corrected entry: In the scenes where the angels gather at the beach to watch/listen to the sunset, they are casting shadows on the sand. However since they don't have "bodies," there shouldn't be any shadows from them.

Correction: It's never stated in the film that they don't have shadows, so this supposed mistake is based on entirely unsupported assumptions.


Corrected entry: Seth exclaims that he sees color when he sees his blood as if he had never seen color before. Are we to believe he couldn't see color and yet says how beautiful the world is a few times before becoming human. This is also a problem since angels aren't supposed to feel emotions.


Correction: He's an angel, intangible. Light isn't. He didn't see the same way we do. It's comparable to Pleasantville when the door turned blue. They all agreed that it had always been blue, but now it was *blue*. Seth could always distinguish one color from another, but until he became human he couldn't really "see" color. Also, being able to acknowledge the beauty in something doesn't have to be a matter of emotion.


Corrected entry: One of the fundamental points in the plot is that humans have free will but angels do not. If angels didn't have free will they would not have the choice to fall from grace.


Correction: No, one of the fundamental points of the plot is that God gave humans *and* angels free will, the angels just don't realize they have it.


Corrected entry: The angels in the film are supposed to be seen by absolutely nobody, unless they want them to. However, in several scenes such as those in the hospital and grocery store, both the angels' shadows and reflections in security mirrors can be seen.

Correction: This is a "point-of-view" issue. From the audience's POV, angels are visible, therefore their shadows and reflections would also be visible. In the scenes where the POV is that of a character in the movie, neither the angels nor their shadows/reflections are visible.

Kevin Hall

Corrected entry: Meg Ryan, playing a cardiothoracic surgeon, places the earpieces in of her stethescope in backwards when she is examining Dennis Franz' character early in the movie.

Correction: They work fine either way and a doctor trying to instill confidence in her patient isn't going to take them back out and give the impression she can't even work a stethescope.

Corrected entry: Before Nicholas Cage jumped into the sea his shirt was green. When they shoot the last scene from above it's a black shirt like the other angels.

Correction: The water just makes it look darker.

Corrected entry: When Seth he jumps from the building top, he sees a lot of scenes. One of them didn't happen yet: he sees himself swimming, which is the last scene of the film.

Correction: Seth swam in the ocean before he jumped from the building. He swam with Nathaniel Messanger earlier in the film.

Continuity mistake: In the scene by the mirror, the visual effects artist removed cage from the mirror. Just seconds before, when you are moving from the back of Meg Ryan's head to Nic Cage's face, you can see his nose and face in the corner of the mirror.

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Maggie Rice: Got a message for me?
Seth: I already gave it to you.
Maggie Rice: Well, did you use my pager? 'Cause I usually don't get my messages unless you beep me.
Seth: You've definitely been beeped.

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