The Four Feathers

Harry saves Jack from the massive battle at Abu Klea. Jack returns to England and one of his friends tells him that he saw Harry in Sudan and that he returned one of the feathers. Harry turns himself in to the enemy (the Mahdi) and is thrown in prison (to search for his friend Trench and escape). With the help of About Fatma, Harry and Trench escape from the Mahdi prison. They are pursued and the three of them survive. Harry returns to England; talks a bit with Jack and Ethne. Jack realizes it was Harry who rescued him from the battle at Abu Klea. In the final scene, it is somewhat suggested that Harry and Ethne get back together... or maybe they just remain friends and Ethne will marry Jack...


Continuity mistake: When Harry's guide is captured by the British troops, they flog him. In the very next scene his back shows no evidence of him ever being whipped.

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Abou Fatma: I found you half dead crossing the desert alone and you say you are afraid?

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