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Corrected entry: The "Turbo Interceptor, the only one in existence" really does exist. It's at the Dodge Museum in Belvidere. Also, it probably could have walked those cars the way it did in the was a 4 cylinder, TWIN turbo car that made about 500 HP.

Michael Westpy

Correction: Close, but not quite. The Wraith (or Turbo Interceptor) was a prototype developed by Chrysler and PPG in 1984. It was donated by Dodge to the filmmakers for the movie. It had a 2.2 liter 4 cylinder, with two Garret turbochargers, but it only made 400 hp and 300 torque. There were over 30 cars built for use in the movie. Its' 4.1 second 0-60 time was plenty fast, but the 12.9 second 1/4 mile was not as impressive. In other words, cars like the Barracuda could have kept up or beaten it in a 1/4 mile, but with an observed top speed of 194 mph, it would have beaten the other cars in the long run. The official name was not Turbo Interceptor, but Dodge-PPG Twin Turbo M4S Prototype.


Corrected entry: In the race scene between the wraith and Augey, there's a quick shot inside the cockpit of Augey's Daytona. You see him wearing sunglasses. He wasn't wearing sunglasses when he got into the car, and in the next shot of him, he's got a helmet on, with no sunglasses.

Michael Westpy

Correction: Augey could have had his sunglasses in his car and put them on while driving. Also, you can see Augey remove his glasses just before putting his helmet on.


Corrected entry: After Augey's car tumbles down the embankment, the dialogue between the deputies has them wondering who it was "local boy, perhaps?" "Not anymore..." So home come when the scene is ending, they now know exactly who it is (no one went down there, and they made it clear they weren't sure who it was). They say something to the effect of, "Call Loomis...tell him Augey fisher's dead".

Michael Westpy

Correction: The cop that says "not anymore" knows who it is, the other one does not.


Corrected entry: After ramming through the police blockade, the Turbo stops momentarily then takes off spinning the tires but no skid marks are visible.

Correction: Skid marks are not always made when a car does a short burnout like that.


Corrected entry: The Chrysler emblem on the hood of the Turbo disappears and re-appears between shots.

Correction: The symbol never disappears. It is just hard to see in some light, because it is part of the plastic nose of the car.


Corrected entry: When the bad guys first encounter Jamie/Jake in the Interceptor, Augey wants to race him. He says "let me take him THIS TIME". This implies that they've seen the car before and even raced against him. Maybe a deleted scene?

Michael Westpy

Correction: Augie probably meant that he doesn't get to race often and he wants to race this time.

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Continuity mistake: During the chase scene where they attach the "engine killer" remote to the Dodge M4S (aka Wraith's vehicle), 2 Chevy Malibu Cop cars are barreling up the road towards the racers. Once the cops pass the starting line, the cars are now Dodge cop cars. (00:44:25)

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Keri Johnson: You think I'd go to California with you? I'd rather go to Nogales, have the Gutterboy's cretin children and die than to be with you.
Packard Walsh: You better shut up now, Keri, or I'm gonna have to.
Keri Johnson: Yeah, you can kill me, too, Packard, but you can never make me love you.

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Question: What are those devices we see disappear from the wraith's arm and after the second and third race supposed to be?

Mister Ed

Chosen answer: I believe they are markers to show how many people are left to take revenge on for his death.


The problem with that answer is that the Wraith had to kill five people (Oggie, Minty, Skank, Gutterboy and Packard) and he only had four of those metal braces. If he had one for each gang member he wanted revenge on, he would have had five. I think he was only given four chances to crash his car and reassemble, and once they were gone, that was it. That's why he killed Skank and Gutterboy at the same time.

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