The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course

Corrected entry: When the agents hear Steve's boat coming they look through the binoculars and one says" I think the binoculars have just picked up the Discovery Channel." Steve Irwin airs on Animal Planet, not the Discovery Channel.

Correction: In tyhe USA, that is true. In Canada, Australia and in the UK, Steve Irwin's shows are broadcast on Discovery.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Archer, Wheeler, and Jo Buckley are running from the dogs, Wheeler climbs on a log and shoots at the dogs with a pistol. Then Brozzie, who is up on a hill, shoots at Wheeler with a shotgun, and hits a branch near him. It falls off. Brozzie could have never shot a branch off that far away with a shotgun. Shotguns use shot, which scatters when fired. (00:55:00)

Correction: Some shot guns use slugs, similar to bullets, instead of shot. I have personally used slugs in my shotgun when deer hunting in Texas. It is possible Brozzie was using a slug, since she wanted to kill a large croc.

Mark English

Corrected entry: In The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course, there is a shot where CIA officials are discussing why the Irwins are likely suspects for stealing the beacon, one of which is that the Irwins had just announced a $40 million expansion plan. In the picutre to the left, Steve is kneeling in the front, Terri is to the far left, and right between them is Wes Mannion, Steve's best friend. In a later scene, Joe Buckley is in Brozzie's house where she looks at and attempts to pick up Brozzie's wedding photo on the mantle of the fireplace. The "husband" is Wes Mannion. Wes is well aware of the conservation of crocodiles, and like Steve, is saving them from harm's way. Wes surely would have encouraged his wife not to kill crocodiles, and yet Brozzie's role in this film is to try to kill the croc. (00:58:25 - 00:59:55)

Correction: Wes being pictured as Brozzie's husband was not a mistake. It was simply a joke. Wes is never mentioned or shown in the movie in any other way.Wes is the prankster of Austalia zoo,, this was just their way of pulling a prank on him. I was at the premiere,, the whole Australiz zoo section exploded in laughter at that point in the movie. It was just a joke on Wes.

Corrected entry: While Steve and his wife are on the river relocating the croc, the two CIA agents catch up with them and look in their truck before continuing after them. One agent finds the spider in a container and lets it go. Steve and his wife never comment on the missing spider.

Correction: Why would they? It wasn't an important part of the movie. There was no place for a comment like that in the rest of the movie. It would have just been unnecessary.

Deliberate mistake: When the lady is supposedly in the water with the crocodile, you can see that it isn't her. It is actually Steve in a fat suit and wig.

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Brozzie: I'd offer you a drink, but I don't want you to stay.

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Trivia: There were no scripts used in this movie, whatever Steve and Terri said was off the top of their heads. All stunts were performed, just like the TV show, by Steve himself.

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