Road To Perdition

Continuity mistake: When the mother and son are shot, it shows from the outside, and the gunfire flashes in the one (suspected) bathroom where they were killed. Just before, the light was on, and then when Jr. went to find them, the light was back on.

Continuity mistake: Tom Hanks has a Colt 1911 tucked into the small of his back throughout the whole movie except for the very end when he shoots Jude Law from behind with a .38. His son doesn't have the 1911, so what happened to it, and why did Tom decide to trade it for a revolver?

Continuity mistake: When they're leaving Chicago for the first time, the snow on Mike's car has melted leaving stains, but the snow on the windshield has melted leaving the windshield crystal clear. He didn't have time to clean the windshield.

Factual error: Tom Hanks with his son pulls into the small town, parks diagonally at the curb, tells his son to stay in the car and honk if he sees trouble. He walks to a building, the curb of which at the corner is shallowed to street level for handicap access. Handicap curbs are a modern development, certainly not around in the 1930s.

Continuity mistake: During Sullivan and Maguire's gun fight at the hotel, between the fifth and sixth shot Maguire takes at Sullivan, a bullet imprint instantly appears on the trunk Sullivan is taking cover behind, in the top right corner.

Factual error: When Tom Hanks is removing his belongings, his son sees him unload a .45 calibre pistol. That type of gun was not available until 1940.

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Suggested correction: Unless you're talking about a different gun, Michael Sullivan uses a Colt M1911A1. The M1911 has always been a .45 caliber weapon. The M1911A1 became available in 1924 (and still a .45).


Suggested correction: The classic shape of the semi-automatic pistol Tom Hanks uses is a 1911 series available in 1911 and onwards adopted by the US Army. In 1924 it was slightly revised and known as the 1911A1 series. Both were double action with 7 round magazines. Either gun looks very similar at a distance and were both available in 1931. has identified the Tom Hanks pistol as a 1911A1. And the same for Daniel Craig's gun.

Continuity mistake: When Michael Jr. is doing his math homework, he holds his pen between his forefinger and middle-finger. In the next camera view, the pen is between his middle-finger and ring-finger. The books are also in different positions. When camera switches back to the first view, everything is as at the beginning again. (00:04:35)

Peter Sullivan: Why are you always smiling?
Connor Rooney: 'Cause it's all so fuckin' hysterical.

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Trivia: Anthony LaPaglia shot a scene as Al Capone, which was deleted after it was decided to leave Capone off-screen. As a minor compensation, LaPaglia is listed first in the credits' "special thanks" section.

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Question: What is the Tony Calvano inhaling from the glass that is on his desk?

Answer: He was doing a hot rail. If you heat up cocaine in a glass until it burns, you then inhale the smoke left behind.

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