Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

Other mistake: When Vivi is whipping the kids with the belt outside in the rain and the man comes up to save them, Vivi falls to the ground a couple of times and you see a mud stain on her white night gown, but in the very next scene when she tries to get up there's no stain at all. (01:27:05)

Other mistake: The age difference between Ya-Ya's and Sidda is off. If you assume that Sidda is in her late 30's, then it is impossible for her mother to have attended the Gone with the Wind premiere as a tween, been a teenager during WW2 and been in her early twenties when she had Sidda, her oldest child. Sidda should really be about a decade older. If Sidda were the youngest child, it would make sense.

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