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Corrected entry: Axel is told that Taggert had retired to Phoenix where he spends time in the woods looking for his golf balls. I have been to Phoenix many times and there is no woods anywhere near there.


Correction: It's a figure of speech - what Rosewood is saying, is that Taggart spends his entire time on the golf course. The part about looking through woods for golf balls is a joke to reflect how bad a golfer he is, it is not to be taken literally.


Corrected entry: After Inspector Todd's funeral Axel speaks to his wife and in that conversation she says "That doesn't sound like my Douglas" But in Beverley Hills Cop 2, when Paul Reiser is awaiting the phone call from the Beverley Hills Chief of Police, the name on the office door is G. Todd.

Correction: Douglas could have been his middle name or even his nickname. Spouses will sometimes refer them to 1 of those rather than their real name.


Corrected entry: At the end of the movie Uncle Dave introduces a new character to the Wonderland family, Axel Fox, as a way of thanking Axel for his hard work and for saving his park. Earlier in the film Axel is awaiting to use the phone behind a father and son. The phone is designed in the form of Axel Fox who shouldn't be invented at this time.

Ian Mugford

Correction: The phone is in the image of Floyd Fox, who can be seen at various times in the Wonder World scenes. There is even a guy in a Floyd Fox suit when Axel enters Wonder World for the first time. "Axel Fox" is the same character but dressed in a Detroit Lions jacket.

Corrected entry: Serge gives Axel a key chain, which sends out a blinding light, but Serge presses the button, and it doesn't send out a light. Why give someone something that doesn't work?

Correction: Serge doesn't actually push the button, he just lightly taps it to show where the button is.

Corrected entry: In the car chase scene at the beginning, Axel is in a red Stealth. After the window has been shot up and pushed off the car, the bad guy shoots up the passenger's seat. The seat miraculously ejects from the car after being shot up. This can't happen from someone shooting bullets into a seat. (00:10:40)


Correction: This wouldn't really be a mistake. The car is coming from a chop shop. The seat may not have been bolted in yet, and simply sitting in the car. Therefore, the power of the shots could push the unlinked seat in the car up high enough to be caught by the wind (since they are traveling so fast) and pulled from the car. I know it's highly unlikely, but possible nonetheless.

Ian Mugford

Deliberate mistake: Twice in this film Axel is shot at by multiple gunmen using automatic weapons at close range - and they all miss. In the Earthquake theme ride the bullets ricochet of the rails at Axel's feet. Why are they all aiming low? Why don't they raise their aim? In the park outside he hides behind a perfectly ordinary park bench and the bullets hit the wooden slats. Not one goes through the open spaces between them? I know bad guys can't shoot straight in the movies, but this is ridiculous ...

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Serge: Now, one thing's very important. At the survival boutiqua, I feel that it's my personality, that's it's my philosophy that everything must conform to the three P's, OK? Which is, protection. Prestige. And pretty. I mean, why should you look ugly if you're just trying to survive?


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Trivia: The film was originally meant to take place in England, with several co-stars such as Sean Connery or John Cleese being suggested for Axel's new partner. However, this idea was dropped since it was deemed too similar to the movie "Black Rain," about an American cop who goes to Japan. "Die Hard" writer Steven E. De Souza was then hired, based on an idea he had that was pitched as "'Die Hard' in an amusement park." This became the basis for the script.


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Question: What led Axel Foley to know that agent Fulbright was in on the scheme? He didn't seem to show any suspicion earlier. Was it just because Fulbright was at the park at the end? The way Foley talked made it seem like he figured it out before know Fulbright was there.


Answer: Just before Uncle Dave is shot earlier in the film Axel figures out that the note he was given was written on treasury mint sample paper - I believe it's at this point that Axel know Fulbright was in on it since the "matter of life and death" note was written some time before the treasury mint paper truck heist.

Answer: Axel was suspicious of Fulbright of knowing everything that was going on in Wonderland but did nothing. He said, they were investigating but Axel was the only one making any progress. Plus, to get the materials needed to make counterfeit bills they were using authentic paper and ink, something only a Treasury Agent would have access to.

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