Sorority Boys

Other mistake: When Barry Watson gets up to take a shower his wig easily comes off but later with the dildo fight, Barry Watson runs out the door and then Michael Rosenbaum throws the long purple dildo and hits Barry in the back of the head and he flips over and the wig stays on. After the shower scene all three of them never seem to have trouble with their wigs afterward.

Other mistake: In the scene where Adina and Jimmy are slipping each other a date rape drug, Jimmy promptly downs his drink in one gulp, and then attacks Adina before she really even has a chance to sip hers. Yet a few minutes later Adina passes out from the apparent affects of the drug.


Continuity mistake: If Spence was supposed to steal the money right after Dave looked in the safe, then Dave should have been on the tape; instead it jumped right from Adam and the Tri-Pi to Spence stealing the money.

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Trivia: When Leah asks where the new girls are from, Michael Rosenbaum says "Newburgh," which is his actual home town.

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