Big Money Hustlas

Big Money Hustlas (2000)


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Big Baby Sweets: You got 24 motherfucking hours to come up with my money. You don't come up with my money... I'ma smoke that ass.
Big Stank: 24 hours. You don't come up with his motherfucking money, I'MA smoke dat ass.
Lil' Poot: Yeah, bitch. 24 motherfucking hours.

Ape Boy: I'm wearing an ape suit. That means I don't give a fuck.

Officer Harry Cox: Harry Cox is all over this, sir.

The Chief: Hey you fat fucking barrel ass sow.
Secretary: What now? Are you stuck in that god damn chair again?
The Chief: Get Cox in here.
Secretary: Got it, Chief. Do you want it in your ass or in your mouth?

Revealing mistake: When Green Willie's medallion deflects the bullet coming out of the shotgun, the second shot kills him, but there is no bullet hole.

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Trivia: Ape Boy was actually played by Violent J (who also played Big Baby Sweets). Apparently, because Shaggy 2 Dope was supposed to do a wrestling move on the actor who played Ape Boy, they would have to have someone who was trained in wrestling to play the part. According to Violent J, it would have cost too much money to re-dub someone else's voice over his own in the Doughnut Shop scene, which is why Ape Boy sounds like Big Baby Sweets.

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