Corrected entry: When David gets to the Skybax Academy he is told that the skybax have never let the pteranodons rise to the level of the academy walls (meaning they have to stay down in the canyon). Why then do the skybax let the albino pteranodon fly up to where no pteranodon should rightfully go to partner with David?

Correction: It was explained that the pterandons 'rejected' Freefall (the albino pteranodon) and the Skybax adopted him, thus why Freefall is allowed to fly above the canyon.

Corrected entry: When David is talking about what has happened in the real world at the assembly, one of the dinosaurs wants to know if they are still at war with Germany. How did they know that they were Americans or allies of America?

Correction: If the previous "visitor" told of the war against Germany, he presumably would have mentioned the countries that were involved and what side they were on. Mayor Waldo claims thousand of people have ended up on Dinotopia so, logically, some of them must have been American. Therefore, David's accent would indicate he is American.

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Romana Denison: David, what is it?
David Scott: It's the height. I think I'm having a panic attack.
Romana Denison: Remember you are of the Sky.
David Scott: I am not of the Sky. I don't know who said that. If anything I'm of the Couch.



When Carl first receives 26 at the hatchery, he asks what kind of dinosaur she is. He is told she is a Hadrosaur (duck-billed dinosaur), but when we see her, she is some sort of Ceratopsian (i.e.: Triceratops). She is later referred to as a Chasmosaur (which while not looking like 26, IS a Ceratopsian).