The Gumball Rally

Plot hole: When the Ferrari stops for fuel at night, Franco decides to spend the night with the girl in the Mercedes. His partner protests, then abandons Franco to continue the race. The next morning, the girl drives Franco to meet up with the Ferrari again. This is a coast-to-coast race, planned out in detail by each crew long before to take the shortest course at the highest speeds possible. First car to L.A. wins. It isn't possible for the Mercedes to just 'catch up' to the Ferrari the next morning unless the Ferrari was taking a wildly wandering course or driving incredibly slow for hours.


Factual error: As everyone races through Illinois, notice the very large mountains. Illinois is a very flat state.

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Franco: Remember the first rule of Italian driving. [Pulls the rearview mirror off and throws it over his shoulder.]. What's behind me is not important.

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Question: I don't understand what the women in the Porsche were on about. What's so significant about lights at 32 miles per hour?

Answer: They are moving thru city streets where the traffic lights are setup to sequentially change so that a vehicle traveling at 32mph will get a green light all the way through the area, never having to stop.


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