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Continuity mistake: When the Owls are playing for their district championship, the other team's best batter comes up in the last inning. As he is walking to the plate, he is wearing Nike shoes, but when he digs into the batter's box, his shoes are Reebok.

Continuity mistake: When Jim Morris is at the tryouts pitching, and he is on the pitcher's mound, you can clearly see that he has sweat on the neck of his shirt and on the armpits of the shirt. However when he goes to throw out the diaper, the sweat is gone.

Continuity mistake: In the same when Jim pitches at the training camp, before he starts, the sky is bright and clear. When he starts pitching the sky starts to get darker and cloudier but when he finishes pitching the sky is bright once again. How can the sky change that fast?

Continuity mistake: During the sixth inning of the game between the Devil Rays and the Rangers, a Texas player who has just gotten a hit runs in the wrong direction, toward third base.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Dennis Quaid tries out for the majors, he finishes his pitching and his grey shirt is noticeably covered with sweat stains. Moments later after leaving the field, as he approaches one of the scouts, all the sweat stains are gone and his shirt is completely clean.

Continuity mistake: At the tryouts Jim was changing his baby's diaper and when he pulls her off the hood of the trunk to pitch, he drops a blanket on the ground. In the next shot the blanket is gone, but he didn't pick it up, neither did Hunter, because he is still sitting on the truck and has not appeared to move. What happened to the blanket?

Continuity mistake: The stands are pretty near full when they're showing the kids walk in to the stadium, but when they're showing Dennis Quaid out on the mound and the camera is spinning around, you can see many empty seats in the bleachers behind him.

Continuity mistake: When Dennis Quaid is putting the first article up on the bulletin board, he places it more toward the center of the board in the medium shot, but then when they show a close up of the article, it is up on the top near the frame of the board.

Continuity mistake: Just as Jim is called in to pitch, he is slowly trotting through the field. In the background, there is a large Southwest airlines billboard. If you pay close attention, Jim trots for upwards of a few seconds (probably upwards of 50 feet), but the Southwest sign in the background barely moves from right to left, as if Jim is not running at all. Totally impossible.

Continuity mistake: After the owls won the championship while Jimmy is pitching on his tryout the sun is changing in the whole scene.


Continuity mistake: When the game starts in Arlington the plate umpire is number 76. Later in the game when Jimmy pitches the umpire's number is 82. They do not change home plate umpire unless he is injured.

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Jimmy: Look, guys, most of you, you're gonna finish up school here, you're gonna work the rigs, you're gonna work at Bo's Tire Barn, you're gonna raise a family, you're gonna retire, and you're gonna do all that right here in Big Lake. And there's nothing wrong with that. A lot of real good people have done that. I'm doing it. But, if you're looking for something more after you're done here, you better give some serious thought as to how you're gonna play out the rest of this season.



When the Owls are playing for their district championship, the other team's best batter comes up in the last inning. As he is walking to the plate, he is wearing Nike shoes, but when he digs into the batter's box, his shoes are Reebok.



When Jim is making his debut at The Balkpark in Arlington, the Devil Rays are wearing their current jerseys. Their current jerseys came out in the 2000 or 2001 season. The movie was shot in 1999 when they had different jerseys. However, at the end where the shot is of Jim's D- Ray's jersey is hanging at the high school, it is a 1999 hat and a 2000 or 2001 jersey. Tampa Bay never had that jersey combo.