Soylent Green

Continuity mistake: Shortly before Sol's death, Thorn rushes into the suicide center and talks to him from the control room above. When Sol pleads Thorn to listen, there's interference on the intercom. Now watch the control panel: The earphone cable on the left side dangles back and forth each time the "speaking permitted" sign flashes on and off, blatantly revealing the cheap trick they used to make the display flashing - they simply toggled the "on" and "off" frames. (01:17:30)

Continuity mistake: When Thorn goes back to Simonson's apartment to see Shirl, he interrupts a party. Shirl is holding a drink which contains huge ice cubes, but right after the two of them go into the bedroom the ice is no longer in the drink. Way too fast to have melted.


Continuity mistake: The doors to the suicide center are frosted opaque from the outside, but clear when seen from the inside. (01:10:10)


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